Trying to be authentic?  Stay humble and true to your roots.  Recognize you’re not in this alone and that you’re just a small piece of the puzzle.  Stay humble.

Now-days, I hear a lot of trust being put into these words; “what God has for me it is for me”.  Whatever happened to “I will bless you and you will be a blessing to all the nations”?   Stay humble, stay true.

It’s was easy to be humble when everybody around me was the same and there were no egos in need of praise. I was authentic while I was walking alone.  I was authentic when I spoke from my own thoughts and understanding. When I didn’t hear the other voice of my inner being, saying trust me and lean not to your own understanding.  So now my story is “Stay Humble” my “Promise Seed” because HIS-Story has taught me that’s the best way. Acknowledge God in all your ways and he will give you the desires of your heart. 

 Hussssh…I hear that still small voice…my gift from God…my Promise Seed…gentle and comforting…meek and mild…a hound from heaven…a Lion…everywhere I am.  In season and out, you are fruitful.  Like a tree planted by streams of cystal clear water you run through my viens, and my passion is only for you.  I can never stray too far from you because you keep your Promise Seed within.  Stay humble my Promise Seed, for the meek shall inherite the whole land.  Your are LORD of Lords, and KING of Kings in my heart.