The Flame of the Spirit

Everything reminds me of you
You are water when I am thirsty
Bread when I am hungry
Joy when I am sad
You make me glad…because in you there is,
A time, a place, and a purpose for everything.

The Spirit is the Truth. That’s a simple enough statement. But let me ask this question. Do any of us really remember where we were when we first realized we were loved by someone. Were we alone? Why were we there? The answers to these questions can only be found if one KNOWS that they are loved or have loved someone, something, or a place at some point in time. So, there are many questions that can come from just one statement of truth. But, if we abide in truth, (our questions are answered) and follow it’s principals, we will learn of and know the truth, and the truth will put us in right relationship and in time with our spirit. Truth is absolute, it never changes. It is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

The Flame of the Spirit is Love. You see we can desire many things, people, and places, but it is the unique qualities of each that touches us and cause us to LOVE one over the other. This Valentines’ Day, have you asked yourself what is it about your special love that ignites your passion? And how do you repeat the turning of those sparks into the Flame that does not go out. The Flame of the Spirit is Love. You see Love never dies. The cares and desires apart from love will die, they do not last.

My love has all these qualities…
He knows the right time and place for love
How to turn a flicker into a Flame
As He goes about His business
In gentleness and quiet, Day by Day
Until we are both consumed by a Love for Life
A burning Flame called Eternity…

Turning Dreams Into Action In 2013

It’s been awhile since my last posting, and I really do miss the coherency of having a blog to vent my ideas, successes, and failures.  But it’s been all good.  For me it’s not about money, (short term money that is). It’s about doing everything that I know is within my God-given abilities.  Those things are always available and FREE.

Let me tell you what I’ve been able to accomplish with only $475.00 (less than $500) over the entire year of 2012. I invested in a micro business, upgraded my website and extended it for 6 more months.  I supported several local, national and international charities.  That’s what the numbers and records say.

Now for the FREE stuff.  I have a free profile at facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, youtube, wordpress, foursquare, flicker, tumbler, slideshare, and probably a few others I have not visited since the last time I posted here.  LinkedIn says I have millions in connnections.  And there are so many groups that I am a member of that my mailbox is on information overload everyday.  I am connected to heads of major corporations and people that have studied at the highest levels of education.  I am not timid about connecting.  In 2013, using this same title from this post, “Turning Dreams Into Action In 2013, I received more responses from this one post than I got in all of 2012.

Other major responses came from a post unrelated to anything I call the business of “giving back”.   That let’s me know it’s about passion, participating in sport, leisure, resting in the joy of the Lord, laying it all down, not holding anything back, because everything belongs to the Lord.

In 2013 I’m letting go of pride. And I’m acknowledging my integrity as a believer in the Lord.  I know what I desire is not just getting money and giving it away to the poor. It’s about using all that I know I’m not using up to my potential because of little things like laziness, boredom, and pity parties.  Wanting things to be perfect and worrying about what others think.  That takes up a lot of time! And I am sick of it. It’s just BS!

Everything I do is about my hopes, and dreams.  Everything has a place and I’m the one that knows where best to put it.  The Lord is going to use my life to do something great whether I like it or not!  So I am going to experience what His love for me is. And people are going to know Him through knowing me.  I’m not holding nothing back.  Deceit and greed is going to be exposed, and if it shows up in me, so be it, as long as a moment doesn’t turn into a lifetime, and a lifetime into eternity.

That takes me back to those millions of connections LinkedIn says I have and the Klout score I get just for getting a comment or two from someone who is suppose to be somebody because of their salary, or position.  Is there anywhere in the world that men and women have not been exposed as addicts of pride and pleasure.  (I’m not going to change, even if it kills me.  And not only that I don’t care if the next generation has no one to tell them about the prosperity in giving and that this is what matters.)

I’m glad I borrowed this opportunity to write these words.  I believe my dream will wait on me, because I believe God, that he has set eternity in my heart and He has credited righteousness unto me so I may  write for a generation yet unborn.  That is the “Promise Seed”, not in my time or season, but in His time when he tells His-story of me.  Until next time…..keep knocking, the Lord will pour out a blessing you will not have room to receive.