The Flame of the Spirit

Everything reminds me of you
You are water when I am thirsty
Bread when I am hungry
Joy when I am sad
You make me glad…because in you there is,
A time, a place, and a purpose for everything.

The Spirit is the Truth. That’s a simple enough statement. But let me ask this question. Do any of us really remember where we were when we first realized we were loved by someone. Were we alone? Why were we there? The answers to these questions can only be found if one KNOWS that they are loved or have loved someone, something, or a place at some point in time. So, there are many questions that can come from just one statement of truth. But, if we abide in truth, (our questions are answered) and follow it’s principals, we will learn of and know the truth, and the truth will put us in right relationship and in time with our spirit. Truth is absolute, it never changes. It is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

The Flame of the Spirit is Love. You see we can desire many things, people, and places, but it is the unique qualities of each that touches us and cause us to LOVE one over the other. This Valentines’ Day, have you asked yourself what is it about your special love that ignites your passion? And how do you repeat the turning of those sparks into the Flame that does not go out. The Flame of the Spirit is Love. You see Love never dies. The cares and desires apart from love will die, they do not last.

My love has all these qualities…
He knows the right time and place for love
How to turn a flicker into a Flame
As He goes about His business
In gentleness and quiet, Day by Day
Until we are both consumed by a Love for Life
A burning Flame called Eternity…


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