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Thank you for your support of our efforts at Promise Seed CDC, Inc, to make sure everyone is financially literate, has affordable housing, have access to credit and financial services and education that supports job training, and growth for the next generation. To let the sick, the weak, the economically or socially disadvantaged know that there is someone who cares, first in our local community, then to the ends of the world. This is what we are trying to do. Will you help?

“Because everybody deserves to live in a vibrant, thriving, and economically sound neighborhood”.

Your donations are tax deductible under Internal Revenue Code for public charities 501-C-3. It is free to loan your support by sharing with your friends and family. Thank you, and we sincerely appreciate your generosity. Please share we need your help.

Around the World in 10 Moments

Around the World in 10 Moments

This was better than reblogging the “Impostor Syndrome News

Photographing the colors of the Holi festival in India

The Kolkata-based blogger at Know-All’s Box recently captured the faces of this year’s Holi festival:

Image by Know-All's Box Image by Know-All’s Box

Capturing a student in a classroom in Sierra Leone

Laura Cook, a photographer currently based in Sierra Leone, focuses on sport as education. Her job requires many visits to schools in the area; here’s a student portrait at a football academy in Tombo:

Image by Laura Cook Photography Image by Laura Cook Photography

Education is improving in Salone all the time but many schools still have overcrowded classrooms and a lack of qualified staff. It is also clear that for most, education is seen as the solution to many of the problems faced in this part of West Africa.

— Laura Cook

Covering the ongoing violence in Venezuela

Francisco Toro at Caracas Chronicles comments on the ongoing violence in Venezuela — and the international media’s (lack…

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Improve Your Team by Developing the HERO Inside You!

Don’t think twice about doing the right thing…

Linked 2 Leadership

Be the Hero

Real heroes don’t really wear capes or have supernatural powers. In the real world, HERO’s are simply ordinary people who choose to respond to a set of circumstances in a way that inspires others. And it IS possible to develop the HERO inside you.

But before you can lead others, you must first learn to lead yourself.

That’s how you develop into a HERO.

The Hero Inside

There are battles inside you that go on every day, and those battles are the reason that you haven’t accomplished as much as you promised yourself you would back on New Year’s Eve. Internally, there is a part of you – a HERO – that wants to succeed and has strong values and great ideas and when you wake up it is your best self that is energized and bold and determined.

Friedrich Nietzsche called it the Übermensch. The term, loosely translated, means “superhuman.”

But your best self…

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Partner With The Creator


I am reminded this morning of the word (language) that states, “One plants, one waters, but God makes things Grow”.  If I am not growing I am not living.   Therefore we seek to “Partner with Our Creator”.  To be like Him in His oneness.  His goals are our goals, and His purpose also.  I am not jealous of Him because I am like Him.  His is the blueprint, the foundation and principals of all that has been created. So I am not offended or diminished in any way if I choose to be called by His name.  He calls Himself Christ.

Why are we not ashamed to call ourselves Adam, Ishmael, Isaac, Israel, America, Russia, French, Georgian, Californian, Social Media Marketer, Librarian, Janitor, Male, Female, Homosexual, or whatever name we have established for ourselves? “I’m just saying”, if we say we are doing good (Godly) things why is it difficult for us to call ourselves children of God? Jesus The Christ called himself the “Son of God”. He knew who He was and we know and confirm who we are when we use our Proper Sir Name (Christ). It’s not complicated. If we are ashamed of God we cannot be Partners with God, and therefore we are against God and consequently denying ourselves the riches or #economy that are the inheritance and nourishment that we need to survive. This is a fundamental concept in knowing whether or not you are “Promise Seed”.

I am HazeL (Lezah) Rous-Edwards-Chism
Promise Seed CDC, Inc
Jackson TN 38301

The Seventh Year


Hello faithful ones,

Greetings from our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus the Christ.  It is a blessing to be able to share with you again in 2014.  This is the second cycle of Sabbath years for the millennium and we would like to share our overflow and harvest from last year.  Get connected to us now because the timing is perfect as I just said.  Whatever you have been working on will come to fruition in this 7, 8, and 9th years.  The seed of promise has been planted and now is the time of expectation. If we have sewn on good ground we can expect an increase of 30, 60, or even 100 fold.  Now isn’t that good news. 

I am especially excited about this new community some of you may have heard of because of the immediate increase in social value it has provided for my not for profit causes and visibility.  I am not going to try to tell you everything about it here except that there is low hanging fruit to be had and very profitable opportunities for those who are true seekers.  Here is the Link to “Empire Ave” and my existing links from last year.  You will get rewarded for following this link, and I will also. so I am thanking you in advance.   Thank you so much for following and subscribing, and liking, and commenting.  And don’t forget we are tax deductible so if you would like to share that is our ultimate life line.

 New Links:

Old Links:

1. – here you should check out “Promise Seed Gardens”, this is where I put my personal videos, of people, places, and #causes.

2. –This is my marketplace because visitors can make secure on-line donations to Promise Seed CDC, Inc, where I am the Founder and Director of this IRS 501(c -3) tax deductible not for profit organization involved with local grassroots community and economic development activities. This is also where we take our local activities “global” through “Causes.Com” and “Fan of the Week” two features particular to Facebook.

3. –This website offers “Social Media Management” Consulting Services and secure e-commerce supported by Paypal.

4. –My website is a connection to all of the above and uses “Network For Good” and Paypal for e-commerce and donations

5. All these things I do by #Faith in Jesus Christ. Because I believe there is something just as important as having faith, and that is doing the #Work.  “Because faith without work is Dead”.  So I will keep on working whether or not I get rich, or whether I am recognized because I have been given “Just Enough” to accomplish what I’ve done and possibly what I will do. I’m satisfied I have enough to share. If you agree or have suggestions please share your comments and until the next time, “Live the Promise Seed Life”. And remember Jesus is “Enough”.