Partner With The Creator


I am reminded this morning of the word (language) that states, “One plants, one waters, but God makes things Grow”.  If I am not growing I am not living.   Therefore we seek to “Partner with Our Creator”.  To be like Him in His oneness.  His goals are our goals, and His purpose also.  I am not jealous of Him because I am like Him.  His is the blueprint, the foundation and principals of all that has been created. So I am not offended or diminished in any way if I choose to be called by His name.  He calls Himself Christ.

Why are we not ashamed to call ourselves Adam, Ishmael, Isaac, Israel, America, Russia, French, Georgian, Californian, Social Media Marketer, Librarian, Janitor, Male, Female, Homosexual, or whatever name we have established for ourselves? “I’m just saying”, if we say we are doing good (Godly) things why is it difficult for us to call ourselves children of God? Jesus The Christ called himself the “Son of God”. He knew who He was and we know and confirm who we are when we use our Proper Sir Name (Christ). It’s not complicated. If we are ashamed of God we cannot be Partners with God, and therefore we are against God and consequently denying ourselves the riches or #economy that are the inheritance and nourishment that we need to survive. This is a fundamental concept in knowing whether or not you are “Promise Seed”.

I am HazeL (Lezah) Rous-Edwards-Chism
Promise Seed CDC, Inc
Jackson TN 38301


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