Empire Avenue turns social media upside down!

I’ve gotten 3Million in eaves for inviting people to learn, share, and get rewarded, all while increasing my social media presence and value. Here’s my invite link, let’s do great things together. http://empireavenue.com/promiseseed5 – Oh by the way, I love Jesus The Christ. He is the “True” Promise Seed.

Empire Kred

The following awesome post is actually an article that appeared in various print publications affiliated with Troy Media by local Edmonton writer Greg Gazin.

When I was assigned to do a story on Empire Avenue – another social media app? – I must admit at first glance I wasn’t very enthusiastic. I was already having a hard time keeping track of the ones I was currently using.

It wasn’t long, however, before I was hooked.

That’s because Empire Avenue, the flagship product of a Canadian company of the same name based in Edmonton, Alberta and Montreal, Quebec, is built on a unique gaming platform – but with a strong social media component. Empire Avenue’s “gamification” of social media encourages and allows you to both expand your network while being better at all social media. And it even rewards you for doing what you do every day.

It’s what social media…

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