I’m ticked Off!

Here’s my ticker at #empireave, https://www.empireavenue.com/PROMISESEED5. Why I’m ticked off is because at least 10 people should go and follow me, but maybe just one will. And that’s to bad because I’ve come across so many profiles in the social media arena that are begging for attention, and simply are just too lack luster to gain any type of momentum. At EA that’s what the game is all about virtual promotion with virtual money to build real valued social media presence that brings in real money.

I’m a #notforprofit, but I need this more than any other entity on the Ave. Learning how to invest and take risk without the pressure of loosing everything is just plain old #professional development. I’ve been on the Avenue for a little over 6 weeks. Before this I had no idea whether or not I was accomplishing anything, and just hoping someone would like or comment my material. And just to be frank my online donations were zero, facebook was meaningless, twitter had no cherp, and at google I was just going in circles. As a #faithbased not for profit I am into the planting on good ground, and running #missions is my #Promise Seed Brand. EA has increased my social presence at least 30 or 60, and even 100% value in this new network.

This weekend there is a great event for newcomers and newbies at Empire Avenue called #Pendapalooza where the EA Stock Market is on free fall. Again, I’m hoping at least 10 of my #Wordpress followers will follow my ticker and snatch up all this “Free” exposure. Give your social media time spent the added boost to get real clients and meet your goals. You can’t beat free, and you don’t want to “Tick me Off” :-). So here’s my ticker again, follow the link, sign up if this is your first visit, and start seeing some action in your networks. I will feel better and you will also.


#Happy Autism Awareness Month
#Happy Poetry Month


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