To Improve at Work, Examine All Aspects of Your Life

A Balance Life Is A Big Part Of Living As “Promised Seed”

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It’s not an outrageous idea:  devoting less time to work can ease stress and boost productivity. It can also allow you to be more engaged with your family, community, and the things you do just for you. These four-way wins – improvements at work, at home, in your community, and in your private life – take experimentation and help.   Start by diagnosing your four-way view:  What’s important to you? Where do you focus most of your attention?   Talk to the most important people in the different aspects of your life, and find out what you really need from each other.   

Use these answers to better align what really matters to you and what you do, and design an experiment to improve your performance in each of the four domains; for example, start an exercise program, carve out daily time for family, join a big community project, etc…

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