Hi, my name is Hazel Chism.   I am “Promise Seed” in my inner being. Promise Seed is what God promised Eve (the mother of all living) after she sinned in the Garden of Eden.  And God has kept His promise by sending His Seed, born of a women, in the person of Jesus Christ.

I date my true conversion and renewal in my soul to the year 1999.  It was 2000 when I conceived and organized the now tax-exempt not for profit Promise Seed CDC, Inc.  A grassroots organization built on this biblical foundation that each soul has been promised His reconciliation and redemption from sin guilt.  Each of us should be expecting this conception and delivery of this transformation in our individual lives.  Like Christ’s conception our re-birth is conceived  through the holy spirit, and we are put back in right relationship to God.  We are his children.  His Seed.

This blog is about how I came to know God the Father.  What He has done in my life, work, family, and the Church.  It is a place to learn and be authentic in sharing your personal piece of a unified human and spiritual race.  Keeping in time with the spirit, watching, waiting, listening for that “still small voice that is unmistakably “God with us”. 

 I want to talk about a lot of things that I know are not new, but as Malcolm Muggeridge says, “there is no new news, only new people”.  And these new people need to know about these promises of God.  I want to put my two cents in about how “not knowing” is the root cause of the deterioration of the human experience into a lack of hope for anything beyound our three score and ten years.  So with that said let’s start the conversations.  I appreciate all your comments, but do ask that you are nice and polite, no profanity, or disrepect.  We reserve the right to delete your messages that use lack of respect  for another human being.  Promise Seed is registered in the STATE OF TENNESSEE and we hold the Registered Service Marks for the following:

Promise Seed CDC, Inc

Promise Seed Marketplace:  http://facebook.com/promiseseedmarketplace

Promise Seed Gardens

Promise Seed Christian Ministries

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