Lights, Camera, Action!

I just confirmed my “YouTube” Channel: I want to share “The Community In Action” — So keep the videos coming. Check out a few very interesting ones “Playing Now” at —Please Share.

Also don’t forget today we select our  “FAN OF THE WEEK” at “Promise Seed Marketplace” our facebook page.  Only about an hour left to “like” or post comments.  Good luck!

Fan of the Week at Promise Seed Marketplace

Cindy Scott lives in Calgary Alberta.  That’s a long way from Jackson, Tennessee.  We would like to show her our appreciation for visiting and sharing with us at Promise Seed Marketplace our facebook page.  So we hope she won’t mind our post here.

Every Thursday around 5:00 CST we select a new FAN.  This is free exposure for one whole week.

You could possibly be our next FAN OF THE WEEK, just follow the link and “post” or “like” something, or just say “Hello”.

It’s that easy.  And we thank you for visiting with us at Living The Promise Seed Life Blog.